Renyukan is a dojo based in Sunderland that studies the traditional Japanese martial arts of Iaido (The Art of Drawing the Sword) and Jodo (The Way of the Short Staff).


Our dojo is registered with the British Kendo Association, which in turn is associated with the European Kendo Federation and the All Japan Kendo Federation (Zen Nippon Kendō Renmei - ZNKR).

All of our instructors are graded within the British Kendo Association and Level 1 Coaches. 

Our members have competed on a National, European and International level in both Iaido and Jodo.



Our cost is £4 per session.


A session includes 1 hour of Jodo or Iaido unlead/self practice and 2 hours of Iaido.


Sessions can be paid for weekly or monthly, for your convenience.


Try before you buy! The first session is free! 


Contact Us



Facebook chat: 

Training Time

Friday - 18:00 - 21:00



Fulwell Community Association

Chapman Street



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