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What is Jodo? Jodo is also a traditional Japanese martial art, that focuses on a short staff or Jo.


The practise of Jodo takes the form of paired kata/forms with one side fighting with a Jo and the other with a Tachi (or Bokuto/wooden sword). The Jo has the advantage of being a longer weapon and can be used to make a variety of attacks and catches.


Our dojo practices Zen Nippon Kendō Renmei Jodo, which is a standardised set of 12 modern kata, most of which are taken from the Muso Shinto Ryu school of Jojutsu, and kihon exercises Tandokudosa (solo movements) and Sotaidosa (paired movements).


We also study the Shintō Musō-ryū koryu forms with includes Omote, Chudan and Kage, Tanjo and Kenjutsu elements of this school.

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